Monday through Friday
7:30 AM 5:30 PM
  Manchester Radiator
  811 Second St,
  Manchester, MO 63021
  Office- (636) 227-5701
  Fax- (636) 438-0392
Air Conditioning System Repair:  
R-12 system repair and recharging
Compressor repair & replacement
Condenser repair & replacement
Expansion valve/orifice tube replacement
A/C aluminum line repairs
A/C system flushing
134a system repair and recharging
Evaporator core repair & replacement
Receiver drier/accumulator replacement
A/C hose rebuilding
Electrical troubleshooting and repair
Cabin air filter replacement
Cooling System Repair:
Radiator repair/replacement
Radiator and heater hose replacement
Cooling system flushing (including chemical flush)
Radiator cap testing/replacement
Freeze plug replacement
Timing belt/Accessory drive belt replacement
Fan clutch replacement
Water pump replacement
Thermostat replacement
Heater core replacement
Cooling system pressure testing
Intake manifold gasket replacement
Electric radiator fan repair/replacement
Electrical troubleshooting and repair
Radiator Repair:
Copper/Brass radiator boilout and repair Plastic/Aluminum radiator repair
Radiator rodouts Radiator pressure testing
Plastic radiator tank & gasket replacement Aluminum welding
Epoxy repair Custom radiator fabricating
Industrial radiator repair Heavy duty radiator recoring
Other Services:
Fuel tank boilout and repair Fuel tank replacement
Aluminum TIG welding Fuel tank relining
Heater/evaporator core repairing Radiator/condenser straightening & repair
Charge air cooler clean and repair Industrial heat exchanger boilout and repair